Welcome to SAARmedtec

When SAARmedtec® was established back in 1982, many values were taken into consideration to ensure the future success of the company. Values that envisioned a company that could improve the delivery of care across the healthcare continuum. A company built upon integrity, reliability, exceptional service and quality products. A company built around honest people – not empty slogans. With these values in mind, the foundation was laid for the future success of SAARmedtec®.

To this day, SAARmedtec® carries on the tradition of provider-focused service, which was initiated by our president over years ago. SAARmedtec® continues to evolve in the rapidly changing healthcare market, by remaining steadfast in its commitment to the same values of our founder. Integrity, reliability and service excellence have become the very fabric of the SAARmedtec® culture. These values are the building blocks for the customized services we offer to healthcare providers across the country and are practiced in every training session with our people and in every conversation with our customers. SAARmedtec® is proud to incorporate in it’s business a compliance program enforcing FCPA and anticorruption applicable laws to embrace the highest ethical standards while conducting it’s business.

Our professional, customer-focused people deploy the latest technology and tools to foster business relationships that will stand the test of time. Today, we are widely recognized as an industry leader in healthcare and gained excellent reputation with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of High Education and other Scientific Research Centers as well as other individuals in the medical profession.

We believe that by equally supporting both large and small physician offices, clinics and hospitals without disparity in price, quality or service, they in turn will be able to provide quality healthcare at all levels. During years of strong competition, vigorous growth within the company and vast changes in the market, SAARmedtec® has remained constant in its dedication to excellence and determination to provide quality products to each and every customer. Our businesses philosophy is striving for perfect quality, superior efficiency, and outstanding service to satisfy customer’s requirements. Expanding global cooperation and motivating team spirit with continuous innovation to achieve excellence. Pursuing a greener environment and improving world healthcare levels to benefit mankind. Mission Statement To be Iraqi’s leading distributor for quality healthcare products, through innovative and reliable services. SAARmedtec® aspires to develop and build lasting business relationships with healthcare providers, by integrating our core values of Integrity, reliability and excellence into every transaction. We are dedicated to improving the delivery of patient care.   Vision Statement To lead our industry with the most cost-effective products and valuable clinical solutions for care providers and those they serve, while improving quality and effectiveness in every area of our operation.